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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let's Move !

On February 10 2010 Michelle Obama launched her Let's Move campaign. The Let's Move campaign is a nation wide campaign that brings together non-profit, for profit and private sectors that want to fight childhood obesity. At this given point in America at least one and three children are obese or overweight.
April of this year Beyonce joined the First Lady in her campaign to fight obesity in the United States. Studies show that one and three children born in the year 2000 and after will be obese at one point and time of their life. They will also have a bout with Diabetes in their lifetime.
Beyonce's new song titled "Move Your Body" is bound to get you up and going. It's fresh energetic and makes you want to move. She incorporates dances from different eras and cultures. At one point you may be hitting your 90's Runner Man and then taken to Spain to hit the Salsa.
It's a great video and makes you want to move. So let's all encourage ourselves, family members, children and friends to Let's Move!

Check Out Beyonce's Move Your Body video

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dollhouse Meets Kelly Price & Attends Somwa Ball For A Cause

April has been one hectic and busy month for DOLLHOUSE! We kicked off the month with the Somwa's Foundation (Survivors Of Mothers With Aid’s) basketball game on April 2, 2011. Ball For A Cause Charity event. The coaches were legendary Shady Kem Prada, and Kym Hampton from the WNBA. The game was held at gauchos gym in the Bronx tip off was at 2pm. The game was AMAZING and consisted of some WNBA players and volunteer players. The basketball game was a great event Kym Hampton’s team won. All the proceeds will go to the Somwa Foundation and Shaq the founder will be taking all her beautiful mothers on a cruise around the city. The cruise is this Sunday on Mother’s day a present to all the deserving mothers.
Now the most epic event took place on Tuesday. Kelly Price came to Fashion 40 202 W 40th St (btw 7th & 8th Ave), beautiful venue, great food and the hostesses are gorgeous. Kelly's 6th studio album was released this Tuesday, May 3 and she came out to help Dollhouse raise money for Aid’s Walk 2011.
Kelly met with press from Essence Magazine , Black Expressions. Good Morning America and our very own LGBTQ 3minds, Ikons Magazine and Nolabelz Magazine. Kelly who was very friendly and all around genuinely enjoying her time with everyone at Fashion40, helped bring so much more joy to an already joyous cause.

We also had the pleasure of hearing some phenomenal poetry from Messiah. He toured with Kelly while he was an Undergraduate at Howard University. He has also done the BET Awards preshow and ShowTime At the Apollo. His poetry on Tuesday night was about Hiv/Aids. Very heartfelt this man is the next big thing! His words are so insightful. If you ever have the chance to support one of his shows please do. You will not be disappointed.
Kelly did a very personal walk through met, hugged and took pictures with everyone that was in attendance. After her walk through she sang "Tired" from her new album. Beautiful song and the lyrics will give anyone in a bad situation the courage to move on. My favorite line has to be "I'm tired of the broken promises". That's a line no matter your age creed gender or background you can relate too. It's just so heartfelt. After she sang her soul out on "Tired" Kelly did personal meet and greets for everyone who brought an album that night.
I have to say she is one of the most humble individuals I have ever met. Kelly helped Dollhouse raise money for Aids Walk and shared her 6th album release with all her family, friends and fans.
To everyone attending #SweetHeart2011 have a safe flight. Everyone who is staying in New York I hope you come out to join #TeamDollhouse and walk with us on May 15th 2011 at 9am for the Aids Walk 2011.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Please vote for Davone and Tiffany for cutest couple :)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

#TeamSingle vs #TeamRelationship

Relationships or Single which one do your prefer??? Me personally I'm #TeamSingle! Till I meet misses right! Not miss right now! ..I'm Mia sweet, Aquarian girl that you love to party with! I'm from long island so yes I have my blond moments lol. Spoiled brat, Mac addict, Big Hair that always consist of curls and I love red velvet cupcakes w/ lots of cream cheese icing lol ..Oh yeah and I'm Davone "Bosslady" Madison's assistant so for all things Dollhouse-Playhouse & DHMG ask me. This is my first blog and I will post a new blog every week. Discussing a range of different topics, relationships, single life, intimacy levels, fun dates or whatever you want me to discuss. Now enough about me lets discuss the pros's and con's of #TeamSingle!
I enjoy #TeamSingle its like having my own personal Baskin & Robbins 31 flavors. You are never bored nor should it ever be a dull moment in your life, when you are openly dating. Openly dating is when you date different individuals and yes they are all aware of the situation. When you are openly dating you have the opportunity to get to know different people. Experience different things gain multiple perspective's on what you like, enjoy and what you don't like in people. The choice is solely yours but make sure honesty is always there and you continue to communicate.

You should never feel the need to lie to anyone or have to lie about what you are doing. Being honest is very important when you are single. You must be honest with the people you choose to hang out with, get acquainted with date or just simply choose to have sex with. Everyone is different so you may need to communicate with people continously to make sure they understand that you are #TeamSingle. For me being and declaring #TeamSingle is independence, freedom, variety. The spice of life I am not tied down to anyone and I can sample each one for my different flavors in a different way!

It can become very difficult juggling all these different woman especially if you are trying to do it at once. Which can become overwhelming and that’s when you need to slow down and regroup. Cut some loose if they are just hanging on by their coat tails. If you don't need to add more flavors to your mix at that time, then don't. Its all about communicating and just enjoying each others company. Make sure you continue to let them know that you are still single and just enjoying their company. The situation between you and someone can become very complicated and difficult if there is no communication. Sometimes you will feel alone even with all these different woman in your reach. That is OK! It just means you are human and want something more stable and solid. Do not make a drastic decision by calling someone over to come fill that void it can complicate things. Then you have someone stalking your where abouts and popping up at all your hangout spots...lol and that is BAD!

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